Living Hopefully

Stories from Uganda

I didn’t see this coming

Life can change in the most surprising ways.

I think we’ve all experienced some of the tragedies. Dreams get shattered, or just slowly rust away. A person you love is there, and then they are not. A friend you can count on betrays you deeply. A family ruptures. It’s shocking, it’s cruel, and I was getting used to it.

But then there are the other surprises. The birth of a child (plan all you want. You’ll be surprised just the same). The resurrection of a cat (that’s a story for another time).

Six months ago I was, living my life in the Pennsylvania woods, doing environmental education. 


This used to be my commute to work.

This used to be my commute to work.

Flash forward to today, and you’ll find me driving a motorcycle around Uganda directing a public health NGO.


This is my commute now.

This is my commute now.

Six months ago, It was just Laura and me.

We had a good time.

We had a good time.

Here we are today with another beautiful little person in our family.


I'd say she's an improvement.

I’d say she’s an improvement.


This morning I rode into town, bought water, and strapped the jug onto my motorcycle.  As I threaded my way through a herd of cows and a machine gun toting marching band I realized that I don’t recognize this life I’m living. But I like it.

And I’m falling into the rhythm of it. It feels like a different world, but I am still me.

We feel like a different family. But we are still us.

For a minute there, I’d forgotten that surprises can be amazing. That life can twist and turn and leave you breathless for all the right reasons.

That’s a thing worth remembering.


  1. Anna Ogunnaike

    August 7, 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Bravo for your open hearts ! Buckle up, your adventures have just begun. Blessings, Anna Ogunnaike

  2. thanks for sharing your new adventure….loved reading this

    •  jos k August 19, 2012 dr., Mr. Radhakrishnan has pointed out a case in which mango leaves are seen cut. It is not a nutrient problem but is due to a fly. I have seen it and usually do the work at night. These flies suck nutrients from the leaves through the cut it make

    • argh! I hated my facial anaesthetic experience! You look perfectly normal – not a hint of puffiness, but you're always radiant anyway! That dress is gorgeous, such a bargain for the amount of use you've got out of it! The bag looks 1000 times better too! A lovely pink! xxxxx

    • Damn, G… flatulence??? Ew.The little image I’ve had all these years of holding up and groping (at minimum) the small-waisted, big booty, corn-fed chick from the Midwest during TV timeouts just took a severe turn for the worse…

    • ender pisze:Tak zupeÅ‚nie z innej beczki (a może z beczki, którÄ… jest powiÄ…zana z obecnym kryzysem). Co Pan myÅ›li o tz. New Word Order, wprowadzeniem Amero itd ?

    • I saw your announcement a week or so ago to read through the Bible during Lent and have been thinking about it since then. I printed out the page to keep me on track.Thanks for inspiring me and indeed a community to join in journey together! May we come to know Christ more!

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    • Hey! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading through your posts. Can you recommend any other blogs/websites/forums that cover the same subjects? Thanks!

    • Do they have anti-christian "hate groups" listed as well?Usually the Left is afraid of the word "Christianophobia", because the majority of anti-christian "haters" in the West come from the Left.There is a high probability that while they (SPLC) are interested in "Islamophobia", they are not interested in "Christianophobia" at all. Which will expose them as biased pseudo-secular hate group that is endorsing certain religions.

    • Thank you Candice This was a very eye opening article… I actually had no idea that the North Star changed… AMAZING stuff our solar system… never fails to AMAZE me

    • It doesn’t even take me an hour to get ready for a wedding. So I guess the moral of the story is that if it’s taking you 76 minutes to get ready on a Monday (because by Friday women look like shit, apparently), then there’s seriously something wrong with your technique.Lorana, you have 12 pairs of shoes at work? I don’t even own 12 pairs of shoes.

    • Ãœdvözlöm,csak szeretném jelezni, hogy ezek a követelményértékek még nem léptek életbe, csak tervezett értékek, de még nem módosította jogszabály a jelenlegi követelményértékeket.

    • Couldn’t say. I can speculate that this is a liberal phenomenon, and Alaska is largely conservative. Though opposition to Wall St and bank bailouts ought to be something that Tea Partiers can get on board with. These two camps finding common ground would probably be something that the elite of this country would shit their pants over: a true populist movement aimed at throwing them out of power.

    • Kati,Én még a teflonos serpenyÅ‘vel is tudok bénázni :)) Amúgy eddig én sem tettem bele sütÅ‘port, csak most arra gondoltam kipróbálom hátha működik és bejött :)) Ja és szerintem a durumliszttÅ‘l lett ilyen szép sárga a palacsintám és dzsem tényleg nagyon finom :))

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    • I don’t understand what the problem with creating an “export to Craigslist” function is. How is it spam if they are real listings that are well-formatted? If Craigslist has no problem with it, and presumably people looking for vacation properties have no problem with it… who exactly is hurt by this? Maybe there is someone, and I’m totally willing to hear that, but I don’t see the harm here.

    • dragule Salonicul e in Macedonia…Pindul e ceva mai in vest…spre Adriatica…e adevarat ca si una si cealalta sunt provincii romanesti…doar ca grecoteii Chiril si Metodiu nu erau din Pind…erau aristocrati din Salonic si faceau parte din acea elita de bizantini care ne-au masacrat pe noi populatia latinofona din aceasta parte de Europa…

    • haha you got yours to work! I’ve so many plates and colours, but not enough time to have a successful attempt at konad-ing >.< and I'm super unco with my stamp positioning lol

    • Non, PR, faites une recherche, je ne vais pas déranger mes amis pour si peu… et comment ça se fait vous n’avez pas de contacts au Vatican ? D’ailleurs, puisque nous y sommes, la vie au Vatican est plus amusante de ce qu’on croit… déjà il y a la lutte pour les revers de couleur ; puis celle de l’appart avec la plus belle vue ; et aussi la lutte pour les grâces de plus beaux garçons… enfin, c’est du théâtre à longueur de journée !

    • While I do not condone the use of these programs I can understand why people use them. Book company’s band together and over charge on books. The digital books should be cheaper because there is no paper involved, and very little effort goes into the cover art… most of the time the cover is just a computer generated piece of drivel that could be accomplished by a high school freshman. Yet they still charge the same price as a hard copy? That’s just wrong. Where are the savings to the consumer?

    • Thanks there are *a lot* of great websites that have an opinion but I appreciate your reliance upon the facts. When I was in College WAY back in 1987 I took a journalism class and learned the fallacy of writing before one checks their facts. Keep up the good work!

    • The ornaments are a great idea. I have 5 grandchildren, 4 under 2 years of age. This would be a wonderful keepsake for each of them. I also like the idea about the gift tags. Thanks!

    • Salve sono patrizia e anche io ho una mav al cervello. Ho 32 anni e ho tre figli ma quest ultima con cesareo per la pericolosità. Dovrò andare a Roma per eseguire un angiografia per chiarire meglio la situazione ma sono terrorizzata dall esame che si esegue da sveglia. Spero bene. Qualcuno puo’ chiarirmi meglio la situazione??i sintomi son sempre piu’ consistenti e frequenti per non parlar poi dei mal di testa. Ora son fissa con quei specie di brillantini negli occhi e nel contorno sembra tutto muoversi. Aiutoooo!!!

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    • I bought 2 pairs of these and I really like them. My 1 yr old daughter loves just wearing them around. My 2 yr old plays drums, as does his dad, so they wear their ear muffs whenever they are playing. Shipping was quick.

    • I’m wondering if you can speak more about improper babywearing (what comes to mind is bjorn and other crotch-danglers) vs. car seat carrying. Obviously we would prefer if all babies were worn upright with proper knee-to-knee support, but since bjorn has a corner on the babywearing market…. which is better for baby as far as physical development? Carseat or crotch-dangler?

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    • Lovely outfit! I'm jealous of the people who actually have nice sunny weather. Over here it's cold and mostly cloudy. Yesterday we had a little bit of sun, but today it's cloudy again. :/ Rain always comes on the worst moments. I remember I was cycling to my home and suddenly there is this huge downpour. D:

    • Very thought provoking! Breastfeeding isn’t always possible, and mums should be supported and empowered with the right information about alternatives, not just be told that formula is the only option. I am very suspicious about the quality of any food coming in from America that involves corn/maize, whey, and or soya – these huge multinationals unfortunately put making money above and beyond long-term health.

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    • Our Government should make a strong protest about the disgraceful situation facing Egyptian Christians. What exactly is the meaning of “Arab Spring”? The silence of our leaders on this matter is very distressing.

    • Il y a aussi un bon documentaire sue France Ô à 20:35. Pas gai-gai-gai, c’est sûr. Mais peut-être plusprès de la vraie vie des vraies gens…

    • Happy wedding anniversary Priya, I had not logged in for the last 3 days as I have been busy and hence the flood of comments on your posts. You are one hard to catch up blogger 🙂

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    • What a time I had – and what a time WE had, sweetie! I have my reasons to suspect that 2012 will be an even bigger adventure for both YOU and me! Ah, that terrible Miss Dior campaign…as beautiful as Ms. Portman is, it’s a terrible, terrible mistake..Clarimonde…what a story! What a ride! What fun!

    • I’m in Teresa and am part of your stable, and I pledge $75 to match you, too. Thanks, for the information, and the motivation. Looks like it will be fun, and for a good cause.

    • Bhè… anche io solitamente evito questo genere di gruppi… ma le vagonate di utenti che tutti vediamo aderire a gruppi simili (e quindi rilanciarli sulle bacheche di amici e conoscenti) ci devono far riflettere su quanto si abbassino le difese quando a proporre la bufala è una persona che gode del nostro credito.Oltre ad insegnare a contare fino a 10 quando si è nervosi bisognerebbe insegnare ad usare lo spirito critico… sempre, in ogni occasione e senza pregiudizi verso amici, parenti, "maestri", "mentori".

    • Kia, det her look mÃ¥ blive mit yndlings blandt de mange. Det er SÃ… flot, og jeg kunne virkelig godt finde pÃ¥ at købe kjolen. Tak for linket! 🙂

    • OMG. i vote for the “take your shirt off” message. i mean, he would have to comply. it’s written in lipstick. that means for the blind side…i have seen the first half twice, while getting my nails done. but both times, my nails were done before the movie. i have to get on that…

    • 147Marco war da wirklich drinne!! Ohne Flunkern, aber unser Guide hat dabei ein wachsames Auge auf alles geworfen. Ich war trotzdem froh, als er wieder raus war! (Er sagt grad: Er auch )

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    • dit :“Ca va sans dire, mais c’est toujours mieux en le disant”, c’est une phrase qui passe bien quand on a des choses à mettre à plat. En tout cas, chez nous, c’est une phrase qui revient souvent depuis que je connais mon homme.

    • I keep saying I want to run a half marathon (in support of cancer research xoxo), but don’t have the discipline or motivation to commit most, if not all, of my workouts to only running. Thank you for showing me that I can still do it with one run a week (and I realize you are active the rest of the week which I plan on doing also, while listening to my body).

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    • the conversation in the background is hilarious! – my cat Bob (RIP) had one similar to this but they had to leave two openings and gauze tied in a knot to keep it open at both ends. I had to flush it with peroxide several times a day. Within a week he was all better.Cute kitty.

    • 4, 5 and 6 speak loudest to me, personally. i’ve become more organized and time-efficient since i began blogging (with a temp. lapse of efficiency when i joined pinterest but even that has become manageable now)

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    • I would love to be entered in the give away. I have just gotten the sewing bug again since I retired. Aprons seem like a perfect jumping off place.

    • Thanks AM!Yeah I was quite surprised by the Jay Rayner plug – first thing I knew about it was a friend asking how I’d got my name in the Guardian!And I’ll make you a deal – I’ll try Brindisa again if you go to Claridges 🙂

    • Regarding the comment elsewhere that the issue was with a table with 188,000 comments or some similar number. Do these couple of blogs really have 188,000 authentic comments? I would guess the only way to have that many entries in your comments table is if it contains years and years of automated spam, and most of these comments are already marked as such so they don’t actually appear on the sites. If that’s the case, instead of partitioning the table and other code workarounds, why can’t you just delete the rows?

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    • Hi Anna, WOW – a review just doesn’t get better than yours! Thank you so much for sharing. I, also, use Restore on my lips and neck and have noticed a positive difference. Thanks, Anna – Rita

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    • This doesn’t even have to be a toy store for my kiddos. The checkout line in the grocery store holds just as many traps. It’s crazy!I love the catalog idea…brillian.

    • Congratulations – awesome PB! You must be so pleased. I ran NYC last year and am about to start training for my second (and definitely my last) – the London Marathon. I ran NYC in 4.41 which I was quite pleased about but want to get sub 4.30 this time. I know I can do it but am terrified because I’ll be running alone this time. Reading how your mind played tricks on you makes me more nervous…Mads recently posted..

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    • He is utterly gorgeous! We too have food "issues"..I believe we are a family that eats only around five different things..thankfully, most are very healthy. Doesn't seem to have affected their health or growth-my 11 year old is almost my height…with his brother following closely behind.

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    • “there is no gay gene”That’s not proven. Some evidence points to in utero environmental factors having an effect, but that’s still something the individual has no control over. Homosexuality is not harmful to your family.

    • Very interesting. I tried using one of those free translation programs to translate a few of the Norwegian blogs I visit but it didn’t work well at all.Did someone shoot that sign or throw at rock at it?

    • The amount of writing being done is most exciting to me. For the most part you cannot help but improve when doing something often and for a long time. Practice makes perfect and all of that.Add the constraints of tools such as Twitter and other muscles are strengthened like brevity and quick wit.Great post

    • It's also "nice" that when women's life expentancy surpassed men's in every nation, women celebrated it as a "victory."However, there are also now those who claim victim status because they are forced to be elderly and alone, because their spouse died much earlier. Whatever direction you go…

    • I found your weblog site on google and check a few of your early posts. Continue to maintain up the superb operate. I just further up your RSS feed to my MSN Information Reader. Looking for forward to reading more from you later on!…

    • Dam girl those are awwwwsome pics. your work is the best ..I sure hope you will be able to do Heathers wedding pics..its going to be April-1-2012…..And love the shoes in these pics…

    • à°¸ుà°œాà°¤ à°—ాà°°ు à°®ీà°°ు à°šెà°ª్à°ªింà°¦ంà°¤ా à°šూà°¸ాà°• (చదవడమే à°šూà°¸ినట్à°²ు à°…à°¨ిà°ªింà°šి)à°…à°¯్à°¯ో à°®ిà°¸్ à°…à°¯ిà°ªోà°¯ాà°¨ు à°…à°¨ిà°ªింà°šింà°¦ి, à°ª్à°²ీà°¸్ à°ˆ à°¸ాà°°ి ఇలాంà°Ÿిà°µి ఏమైà°¨ à°µెà°³్à°³ేà°ª్à°ªుà°¡ు à°®ీ à°¬్à°²ాà°—్ à°²ో à°®ాà°•ు à°•ూà°¡ à°šెà°ª్à°ªంà°¡ి.à°¤ెà°²ియకుంà°¡ాà°¨ె à°¬ొà°²్à°¡ంà°¤ à°ªుà°£్à°¯ం à°®ీà°•ు.

  4. Missing you guys! But happy journey to you!

  5. Your lives certainly have changed, changing our lives as well. And opening our hearts to a new part of the world that was barely on our radar before. This is a good reminder that our world is a big place but God’s love reaches every corner. Love you guys, keep sharing the journey!

    • You should come check out this corner of the world. You might love it.

    • I love everything you write in your blog. It's always very true and applies to my life as well. I would like to say that reading your blog has got me into blogging and I started my own 🙂 BTW I love your clothes.

    • Acabei de ouvir, e tava muito bom.Acho que é melhor esperar um ou dois dias pra ouvir um programa bem detalhado, mais tranquilo, do que um postado logo no domingo mais mais atravessad.E mesmo que fique longo, tá, bom, dá pra ouvir a qualquer hora, parar na metade, ouvir depois.Não tenha pressa não Ico. Faz a coisa com calma que fica melhor!

    • через 2 месяца после удаления желчного , руки имеют чуть желтоватый оттенок, что это может быт, скажите пожалуйста!MOKO

    • Desktop toggles causes FC. I need that. I’ve always disabled the swipe left and right toolbars until now, so great job but please fix the desktop toggle!

    • E a quantidade de turistas que diariamente se dirigem ao posto dos Restauradores por lhes terem surripiado as carteiras e outros valores?Só muito raramente se ouve falar disso, os nossos media ficam radiantes quando mostram uns a elogiar the food and the wine.

    • What beautiful colours, and such a lovely history behind it too! And Matlock Bath – that bought back memories. I lived in Nottingham for about eight years and used to go there quite often – it's such a wonderful spot!

    • Hi Jonathan, just a comment that I think to remember that this “optimization”: “…if the update is a “no-change” update, expansion simply doesn’t take place…” was only added in the release. I believe that previous versions ( and below) expand/replace the affected tokens even in case of “no-change” updates, which is a pity. Randolf

    • Non. Le piétion est par principe prioritaire partout en ville. Les pistes cyclables constituent des tolérances qui ne remettent fort heureusement pas le principe en cause.

    • interesanti saka:Jau ilgāku laiku ielÅ«kojos Å¡ai mājas lapā, kuru tik daudzi sauc par “traku”. TomÄ“r ar laiku nākas pāliecināties, ka ‘trakajā” vietnÄ“ patiesÄ«bas bieži vien izrādās vairāk kā jebkur citur. Par to paldies!


    • Unfortunately, in every trade there is a winner and a loser, so half the people will ALWAYS  lose. No way around it. That is the truth. The financial advisors simply perpetuate the Ponzi scheme by finding fresh suckers (and their fresh money) to put in the market. They boast of their company’s reputation and how many years the company has been around. All that is meaningless, since any company, no matter their reputation or length in business, can collapse overnight(many recent examples).

    • gostaria de saber como faço pra matar varios cachorros no call of duty 4 Modern Warfare, estou em uma fase que aparece varios cachorros e me matam não consigo acabar com eles.Usando Google Chrome 15.0.874.120 em Windows 7

    • Oh, so nice topic, and so reasonable comments. But i wanna say in the past 2 weeks I have been to several forum sites about interracial relationship etc and to my surprise, I find that many people say horrible things about people who date outside of their race! such as something on I would like to know what's driving all of this hatred still?

    • I suspect Kissinger is one string puller.However, one can only think of Iraq being a colossal failure if one thinks that creating Mideast chaos wasn’t the goal all along.I don’t.


    • 0  0 (0)Me gusta tu comentario, es extraño fantasear con la idea de varios universos paralelos, y poder elegir la decisión adecuada. Si todo el mundo pudiera hacer eso, quedarse con lo mejor, no compartiriamos el mismo universo. Posiblemente cada uno tendria su universo. Y si sabes que todo lo demas no es real… ¿que emocion tiene?

    • Can you please add Google Reader compatibility? It is not able to recognize your RSS feed. You’ll be able to e-mail me in the event you have to have assist in acquiring it to work.

    • habe gerade etwas damit herumgespielt, im IE9 ist alles super, aber auf dem WP7.5 funktioniert bei mir “-ms-transform” überhaupt nicht.muss man (neben dem doctype) noch irgendetwas anders machen, als man es sonst machen würde?

    • JEg er ogsÃ¥ med pÃ¥ mysteriesokkene, og med omtrent samme farge pÃ¥ sokkene! SÃ¥ da synes jeg jo selvfølgelig at dine ser kjempefine ut! ;)Kos deg pÃ¥ Snelletreff, høres artig ut!

    • Tyra är helt skruvad. Säker mano som ngn skrev.Flensa är ocksÃ¥ rätt väck och har storhetsvansinne deluxe.Att det var ngt fel pÃ¥ allihopa och främst paow var ingen större chock.Positivt för paow är att hon eventuellt är medveten om sin sjukdomsbild vilket ingen annan verkar vara.

    • I too love etsy! I do try to handmake as many presents as possible altere frames, canvases ect. I’m big into paper crafts so that’s usually the path I take. I think I would have a hard time buying for my father and husband on etsy too though. I’ll have to take a good look though.

    • For me being brave isnt so much about facing my fears and insecurities, as embracing them. Allowing myself to acknowledge and feel them can be so scary. They may not be my truths but they are real and deserve the chance be heard. And i deserve to be loved and supported without judgement. Putting all that out there to myself and others is my brave.

    • Galera, preciso trocar uma idéia com o cara que faz photoshop em carros. To querendo comprar um jogo de rodas pro meu 307 e queria testar antes no Photo. Alguém pode me ajudar nisso? Vi um 307 com duas rodas diferente neste blog e gostei do trabalho, por isso peço ajuda. valeu…

    • kadang kalo di kasih tema suka buntu pas pengen nulis. Jadinya blog saya ga pake tema² gtu .-= fanz´s selesai [nulis] ..Download MP3 Minang Jadul =-.Yap, bener. Kesulitannya, jika kita ‘dipaksa’ fokus menulis, ya bakalan sedikit terhambat kreatifitasnya, karena terbatas pada tema itu saja.

    • did anyone ever stop to consider maybe he was unaware of what his employees did? That was the case.. he suffered due to anothers greed. He still is a genious in investing ideas.. dont let the media fool you!!!

    • Having read this I thought it was extremely enlightening. I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this information together. I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and posting comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

    • Brilliant work, Enjoyed the whole series… shame it had to end. Looking forward to your next project and will spread the word of your work. Your production of these videos are most enjoyable thanks again and will be buying a t-shirt when they pop up, peace x

    • hola, te hago una pregunta. Se puede descargar Safari para Mac para luego instalarlo offline. No tengo conexión de internet en casa (donde tengo la iMac) y nunca he podido actualizar el navegador (entre otros) porque cada vez que voy a la página de Safari me ofrece la descarga de Windows! Alguna idea? Es correcto que NO pueda hacerlo? Saludos!

    • In apropierea uneia dintre cele mai mari sarbatori crestinesti,familia regala a Romaniei ofera un bun exemplu de adevarati crestini care se leapada de sine pentru a veni in ajutorul celor saraci si pentru a le oferi o clipa de bucurie.Aceasta dovedesta puritatea sufleteasca deosebita a acestor oameni

    • I am linking up with the following: * Cheryl at TidyMom for “I’m Lovin’ It” * Allison at Alli ‘n Son for “Sweet Tooth Friday” * Kim at Quit Eating Out for “Saturday Swap” * Liz at Hoosier Homemade for “Cupcake Tuesday” * Rachel at A Southern Fairytale for “Mouthwatering Monday” * Robyn at Add a Pinch for “Mingle Monday”

    • Oct10 I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.

    • …She's now retained in custody for "mental health screening…——- I think her distress is quite understandable in light of having to watch her country swamped by asswipes such as yourself.

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    • Agnès dit :J’adore les petits tours dans ta salle de bains, c’est toujours un plaisir de découvrir ton avis sur des nouveaux produits de beauté. Je participe également au concours!!!!

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    • I have applied for PF transfer and submitted the form in PF Office.Its almost 1 and a half month now but still my grievance in EPFiGMS shows the status as “Case Disposed (Not receipt of any claim till the date)”Can someone tell me what does that mean? Usually how much time does it take for actual transfer after the forms are submitted to PF office?

    • From this top 10 comfort food the one that cheers me up anytime is the chocolate. Who doesn’t like chocolate? You know in movies when a girl is upset she eats a lot of ice cream? That is happening with me too. If I’m said I eat some chocolate and I’m ok. So, the first place in top 10 comfort food should be taken by chocolate.

    • Wouahhh merciii, mes cheveux viennent de me faire un câlin tellement ils sont heureux… ça m’a arraché 5cm de peau sur les joues maiiiis bon.. =DJe suis en train de rédiger le discours d’adieu à ma couleur fadasse <3(et je viens juste de te mailer !)Merci Babillaaaaaages :*:*:*

    • Sadly in my marriage im the one that can never figure out what time hubs is getting home. He’s a Fellow so his schedule changes monthly and really even with knowing which department he’s in when he gets home depends on how the days going. And still around 4 everyday i txt to ask “what time will you be home” wait for answer then follow up with is that in real ppl time or doctor time. (which means add an hour at least) he is nice enough to print his hours and post it on the fridge and rather then look i ask him it is after all his job to remember it.

    • and JavaScript Libraries). While I do recommend that you fill out the SEO Details for each post (and so does Dave), it’s as essential to a magazine styled Thesis Theme as

  6. I love this. You guys are such amazing people and it’s so inspiring to see you guys doing this ❤️

  7. So happy for you both as you discover new rhythms – I’m praying for God to guide you and strengthen you on this new journey. Also – I think driving with cows sounds like a lot of fun! 🙂

    • Maybe one day you’ll discover rhythm.

      • Hallo Annette! Ich kenne Body Cult zwar nicht, kann mir aber nach deiner Beschreibung gut vorstellen, dass man es gut mit kombinieren kann. Würde mich interessieren, wie dein Erfahrungen sind, wenn du es ausprobierst. Kann mir auch gut vorstellen, dass es viel Spaß macht in der Kombi smovige Grüße – Susanne

      • Hi Margareth, I put them straight in the oven after piping, unless I do not have room in the oven then some sit on the bench waiting. I experimented with leaving them out for different lengths of time and it made no difference to the end result. This Saturday there will be a new video up on this post with FAQ on this recipe if you watch that it may answer these questions for you.

      • Someone essentially assist to make significantly posts I would state. That is the first time I frequented your website page and to this point? I amazed with the research you made to make this actual post extraordinary. Fantastic task!

      • I saw ‘Fritz’ when I was about 12 or so; gave me the creeps too. Little did we know then that the combination of sexual explicitness and anthropomorphic animals would one day be a well-known (and deeply creepy) subculture.Andrzej Klimowski would do a great Kafka–his ‘The Secret’ graphic novel has just the right atmosphere.

      • Losing Curzi could not have hurt that much as they will be playing in the county finals Friday. Also I am hearing that Gill just lost big to Rutgers Prep in the Prep state finals. Voorhees vs NH on Friday should a great game, Voorhees lost to NH twice this year, I can’t see it happening a third time, good luck to all teams playing the county finals.

      • Não sou de torcer pro Massa, embora eu seja ferrarista há bastante tempo… Mas ontem deu dó dele… Coisa de quase chorar, porque a corrida dele foi impecável.Mas como já foi e agora o jeito é tocar o barco, perdoem-me por não perder o trocadilho com o título: o sonho virou fumassa…Abraços.

      • salut,je partage egalement vôtre opinion à propos de la confiance entre nous les marocains conçernant les produits de consommations .par exemple ,je suis un jeune homme de marrakech qui produit cet huile d’olive ,mais c’est toujours loin d’avoir cette confiance des clients .pour quelle raison ,je sais pas!

      • Hi! I linked to your blog thru pinterest. Your DIY projects are great!! I was curious about where you found your dining table and chairs. We’re currently looking for a set, and I loved yours. Thanks!

      • Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass’ favor.

      • just a thought,Often, the proof of evidence is portrayed in the open, intentional or otherwise is irrelevant dependent on intent itself, yet subtle and simplistic in nature, can be skewed by over analyzing the obvious; a human fault of our tendencies. Do we overlook the Obvious conclusions and questions? just questioning myself…..

      • Viola~ Congrats on your release day! Very exciting!! Those scenes that seem to come form somewhere else are amazing, aren’t they? As if we’ve channeled something that occurred in an alternate reality, where our heroes and heroines actually argue with witter banter (as opposed to how, say, my husband and I argue, which generally doesn’t tend toward ‘wittiness.’) and where the good guys always win. I think it’s just right that you feel your characters so strongly they move you. Congrats again! Enjoy!

      • jajajaja..Daniel: yo tambien respeto a todo el mundo y a ti que te va bien con los profesionales de la política. A los que no nos va tambien, pensamos diferente a ti, y mas si somos castellanos como tu, vivimos en Cataluña, y apoyamos a Ciutadans-Partido de la Ciudanía, aquí y por ello también ahí. Es un partido jóven y yo que paso ya de los 70, le apoyo con estusiasmo porque sus militantes son jóvenes, decididos, profesionales y trabajadores y quieren y pretenden que se haga otro tipo de politica.Los que estén conformes con lo que hay,se pueden quedar en casa,

      • I absolutely love this movie and the books. I could just move in there and live. I love it. How wonderful it is. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.Wendy from Wonderland

      • Magnifique !!!Tu donne tant de ta personne,et Je sais tout l'effort que tu as fait pour composer ce coffret….mais je ne participe pas car le contenu ne me convient pas…je laisse ma chance à quelqu'un d'autre. je partage sur mon facebookBisous et bonne chance à toutes

      • Även om Microsoft och Windows bidrar till att saker fungerar, fungerar ännu mer pga öppna protokoll och standarder, som Microsoft ofta har motarbetat.

      • Love the clours in your Mystery Log Cabin …… no cigar for the layout, but you are close enough to breathe in the smoke second hand!Now I will go and have a look at your EQ versions.Judy B

      • 1. Turkey burgers…ground turkey breast mixed with diced portabello mushroom, garlic and onion, egg white, generous amount of salt and black pepper….with a thin slice of swiss cheese melted over them….2. While cooking the burgers, brown some ground turkey and use for tacos later in the week.3. Hunk of meat, crock pot, apple cider vinegar, agave nectar, soy sauce, brown sugar, sirracha

      • That is lovely advice. Didn’t the Beatles say that? (Let it be…) Your baking references reminded my of the book my sister gave me last week. It was my mother’s OLD Betty Crocker cook book. It is full of crayon marks, pencil scratches, old recipes from magazines shoved inside and is missing many pages. sigh. I’m comforted by this old book.

      • J. Galsworthy a spus “Imi place sa ajut oamenii care se ajuta singuri”.Popoarele care o duc bine, sunt cele ale caror cetateni s-au interesat in fiecare zi de soarta comunitatii lor, de felul in care sunt gestionate fondurile publice si au protestat cand nu au fost de acord cu masurile conducatorilor.

      • blacks make up about 12-14% of the population and commit 555-60 of crimes…the ONLY people that can change that is the black population and i assure that won't happen anytime in the near future….prove me wrong???

      • thx for that fast reply, i already have that strap. it was working well the last 2 months. i am just think of switching because it´s a shame that you get a crappy belt for the 400€ i spent. with my girlfriends polar belts it works well.lucky that i bought the 910 at amazon so switching is not a problem, the garmin support is unbeliveable slow, i am scared of sending the garmin for replacement to them.

      • Efter en allt för stressig vecka hittar jag äntligen tid att gÃ¥ igenom bilderna frÃ¥n veckans fotoutveckling. Roligt att du ville vara med.Det är ett spännande motiv, ljuset lyser fint pÃ¥ grenarna och snön. Vackert. Tror att bilden vunnit pÃ¥ om motivet varit mindre centrerat dock.

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      • No, it does not sound good for Frank. I have not before reading this (and the links you provided) of ‘roasting’. It does sound like an extremely foolish move for a group of men to make… trouble for sure! Foolish also for any women that partake, as they could get pregnant (and it would be so so wrong to do that for the sake of getting money off the celebrity –not to say there aren’t people doing it.), get diseases… and ruin their own reputation.

      • >> Wonder if this will make the Dersh-bag question his loyalty …He’ll just find a way to “prove” that strengthening the settlements IS respecting the rule of law. And once he’s “proven” it, anyone who disagrees will be branded an anti-Semite.

      • Heya, I just hopped over to your web-site using StumbleUpon. Not somthing I might typically read, but I enjoyed your thoughts none the less. Thank you for making something well worth reading through.

      • Ahmed3     nous dit le Si M. Ramadan est éloquent tant mieux pour lui mais l’ennemi de mon ennemi n’est pas forcément mon ami. Cet Islam du 21e siècle est voué à disparaître, choisis bien ton camps. Sur ce, Adieu.

      • Getting these bootmgr’s signed is a good first step, but the situation is not optimal. For instance, the BCD-based bootmgr from Windows no longer chainloads bootsector images (grub4dos,Wubi,…) so newcomers can’t try a Linux distribution without reformatting their drives. Is there any effort in getting support from Microsoft for this in Windows 8 or a future version ?

      • ook ik onderging het was nog nooit geweest ,ging voor gerstekorrels en wenkbrauwen [borstels] wat heb ik een pijn gehad…ja de gerstekorrels zaten heel diep! ik sta buiten met rode plekken en wondjes…is dit nu the place to be?

      • Je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit simplement un problème de sécurité informatique. J’ai l’impression que ce sont toutes les procédures qui sont à revoir

      • Hello there I am so thrilled I ran across your internet site, I really found you in error, because i was watching on google for something else, Anyhow I am the following now and would certainly prefer to say appreciate for any incredible post as well as a all round interesting blog site. Please maintain the fantastic function.

      • Det var bra du snakket litt hardt til den for der passet den perfekt! Der mÃ¥ du la den fÃ¥ bli ;)Oppskriften for kjærlighet er fin Ã¥ huske pÃ¥ :)Ha en flott dag!Klemmings fra Linda

      • Hola,soy autonomo desde hace unos dias y mi cuota a pagar es la minima con la bonificacion por tener 30 años.Mi duda es si esta bonificacion sera durante los 30 meses completos o terminara en el momento en el que cumpla los 31años.¿me podrian sacar de esta duda?

      • Thank you for your kind words. We try very hard to provide our readers with information that will help them make responsible decisions when it comes to their dental health.

      • Powiem tyle… Jens daÅ‚ link do wszystkich bugów, które naprawiajÄ…. Jest ich 21. NapisaÅ‚ także (dosÅ‚ownie przed chwilÄ…), że 1.8 nie wyjdzie dziÅ›. Jedyne prawdopodobieÅ„stwo to jutro. Nie jest to pewne ale dla dzieci neo wystarczy -,-

      • je ne m’inquiète pas, ça fait 17 ans que Mulder et Scully sont sur le coup….S’ils envoient un message ça veut dire que la colonisation n’a pas encore commencé, on devrait avoir encore trois ans théoriquement pour organiser la résistance contre les petits gris +16Was this answer helpful?

      • zegt:Je kunt kokosmeel voor heel veel dingen gebruiken he Ik bak eigenlijk nooit zoete dingen, maar gebruik kokosmeel in lijnzaadpannekoekjes, zelfgemaakte bietenburgers, pizzabodem van bloemkool, in de yoghurt etc.

      • I can still remember how that feels. I distinctly remember cutting chili’s and then – after washing my hands – thinking it would be ok to remove my contact lenses… It hurts like hell!! Sounds like your experience was even worse, but I can symphatize! That dish does look delicious though!

      • Thanks, I have got just been searching for information around this subject forever and yours is the greatest I have realized out until now. However, what concerning the bottom collection? Are anyone positive regarding the supply?

      • Maybe though, instead of deporting them they can be sentenced to community service – say on one of BP’s oil rigs – one drilling really really deep beneath the ocean? I can’t say you’re not creative. That’s a great idea. I like it.

      • 16 April…Di Bumi KenyalangAnwar akan sedar akan tinggi rendahnya langit.Anwar akan sedar betapa bumi Sarawak tidak hanya seluas padang bola.Anwar dan para perndewanya akan terpaksa menjilat balik segala kahak pekat dan air liur sendiri.Anwar akan sedar betapa rakyat Sarawak tidak sebacul dan sebodoh yang dia sangka.

      • You know, we talk about the Celtics more here, than they do on WEEI, THE #1 sports talk radio station in the Boston area, and most listened to sports talk radio station in the US. I find that funny.

  8. Thanks for sharing! Always needing a reminder of how others live! And the things we take for granted!

  9. Meh, update us when something interesting happens.

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